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About Me Jake ,I am 11 years old and have Autism. This Blog is about what I can do not what I cannot,sometimes people think I cannot because I have autism ,this blog is about challenging that!I have lots of special interests, in particular running, exploring and this blog shows a small amount of what I get up to! Please be careful as some of activities I do may look easy are not , I know Winter Hill very well I can get off safely and know what to do when the weather closes in ,to keep myself safe I use high performance clothing and footwear,waterproof/ breathable/reflective/thermal layers. in layers so I keep warm and dry , I take my safety seriously and I always take care when out exploring. My dad is very experienced on the fells he is teaching me how to keep safe.I can use a map and compass, the hills can be windy , very cold, be wet , misty and boggy. STAY SAFE! check out under my link's for advice on safety from Bowland and Pennine Mountain rescue. Try my Winter Hill Challenge

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Brussels, Quick Visit part 1

Leo is playing with a feather ! we have a small wait to get on to the train !

This is snugs leos favourite bedtime toy!
he always goes to sleep with this its french !
Leo loves to walk,Brussels,+Belgium&gl=uk&ei=HqnUT_2kO82s8QPp7OWwAw&oi=geocode_result&ved=0CDEQ8gEwAQ
We are visiting Brussels to go and see one of the best dinosaur museum I have been too !

some of buildings we saw on the way to the park

It was a great Park

Leo and mum ! it was called Duden Parc ,
I am learning some words in  French , they speak French and Flemish in parts of Belgium !

I had to be careful to make sure Leo held on!

Evie and a Turkish girl !

Leo had to be careful at the top of the slide !

we enjoyed Duden Parc

buying some pastries in the supermarket for breakfast

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Two Lads to Rivington pike

 we were going across to the Pike
I contribute to the following website

 Lower Rivington Reservoir ,Wilderswood
Two Lads
I am wearing clothing which keeps me cool , I still carry my Safety Equipment on me ,

I am taking a photo, I carry a GPS  Blackberry so my photos can be tracked this also records the route

This is the Pike zoomed in !

I am doing roly poly

can you see me ?

Crooked edge which is soft enough to do roly poly

having fun , Roly poly !
sometimes I practice at night

a sheeps Skull
up the other side
lots of people come to admire the view

this can be very tiring as the grass is deep and you cannot run easily on it , this is better
River Douglas,

Old Sheep Fold
can you see the Old leval ?
this is very steep I have to zig zag upto the top
some people said its not steep !

sportsmans or Pike Cottage
Pike and the mast
the Bench Mark
thanks to
the pike

the Pigeon tower

views from the Pike ,

the Pike

I am having a rest and a drink it was getting very warm
this path leads from the Pike to near the mast
this was dry and in the light !

the dividing wall between Chorley and Horwich
one of the old spoil tips from the mine

river you have to be careful

near the two lads

I am getting tired towards the two lads , so take to walking , the run down from the Two lads

Find more  in Bolton


4.35 mph but this is a tough route on the first bit and I stop to do alot of roly polys !