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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Visit to German inner Border or Old West East German Border

we were driving and all of a sudden a flock of birds walked across the road ,
we were going to visit a reconstruction re the old German inner border

this is a informational board about the wall ,
Schlagsdorf - a village in the restricted area

a fence panel, it was designed to cut your finger tips if you tried to climb it !

Russian sign
map of the border
watch tower
Border crossing

mines used to kill or maim people who tried to cross
Electric fence
control  strip to help show where people attempted to cross

It was a rainy day

Border observation tower

one type of fence they used

to slow people down very difficult to cross !

guard dog house and wire run to force the dogs to go along the boundary

these were attached to the fence

this ditch was used to stop cars and lorries being used to drive through the fence

used in the water

concrete wall section
early type of fence
more elaborate fence

This is called the patrol road ,