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Winter Hill ,Horwich, UK
About Me Jake ,I am 11 years old and have Autism. This Blog is about what I can do not what I cannot,sometimes people think I cannot because I have autism ,this blog is about challenging that!I have lots of special interests, in particular running, exploring and this blog shows a small amount of what I get up to! Please be careful as some of activities I do may look easy are not , I know Winter Hill very well I can get off safely and know what to do when the weather closes in ,to keep myself safe I use high performance clothing and footwear,waterproof/ breathable/reflective/thermal layers. in layers so I keep warm and dry , I take my safety seriously and I always take care when out exploring. My dad is very experienced on the fells he is teaching me how to keep safe.I can use a map and compass, the hills can be windy , very cold, be wet , misty and boggy. STAY SAFE! check out under my link's for advice on safety from Bowland and Pennine Mountain rescue. Try my Winter Hill Challenge

Sunday, 6 February 2011

The 10 or 14 peak courses on Winter Hill by Jake of Winter Hill

Note from Dad
Purpose of the challenge Run,
To raise awareness of  Autism , the only thing we would like to ask is to visit a site about autism and become aware , 

if you are doing a charity event please consider supporting a local autism or national autism group .

Course can be started  from any of access points which lead to the Winter Hill  area , you can start from Horwich ,Belmont, Rivington ,Wilderswood ,Montcliffe, Georges lane, Coal Pit road, Burnt edge , go to the nearest peak and follow the route clockwise or anticlockwise.

please post your times as comments against this Blog entry 

Route should be across the fell , Dont use Georges Lane/Belmont Road , main winter Hill road or  Coal pit road to reduce times they can be used just for a access point  to the course , the idea is to challenge yourself and use some of the less used routes/parts  in this area,  use the route's as a guide and at your own risk , navigation skills are required as some of the peaks are not distinct , Dont underestimate this area ,weather can be harsh and change quickly and can vary even within a short distance : underfoot -this is wet and boggy even in the middle of summer , 

course has on it 
hidden hazards, deep tussock grass hiding deep ditches ,old mine workings, deep bog, steep slope's

In winter this route will be harsh and will  involve night time navigation often in poor conditions.

Note :We have not been able to do this as a complete run as Jake is only 7 and so we have had to be split into sections though Jake managed 6.8 miles , Jake has enjoyed putting this together and will I am sure develop this further  

Jake of Winter Hill 10 peaks course  option 1 6.7 miles aprox  or 
Jake of Winter Hill 14 peaks course option 2 10.5 miles aprox

core peaks  for option 1 and 2
Rivington Pike peak 1 ,
Brown Hill  peak 2
Crooked edge peak 3
Two lads peak 4
Adam Hill Peak 5
White Brow Peak 6
(optional 350m Knoll Peak below would be +1 )
go to either option 1 or option 2
see the following Blog entry

Name↓Locality↓Elevation↓OS grid reference↓
Winter Hill Rivington456 metres (1,496 ft)

Counting HillSmithills/Belmont433 metres (1,421 ft)

Two Lads Hill Horwich389 metres (1,276 ft)

Noon Hill Rivington380 metres (1,247 ft)

Crooked Edge HillHorwich375 metres (1,230 ft)

Rivington PikeRivington362 metres (1,188 ft)

Adam HillHorwich360 metres (1,181 ft)

White BrowHorwich358 metres (1,175 ft)

Whimberry HillBelmont340 metres (1,115 ft)

Egg HillockBelmont328 metres (1,076 ft)

Brown HillRivington325 metres (1,066 ft)

Brown LoweSmithills325 metres (1,066 ft)

Burnt EdgeHorwich325 metres (1,066 ft)

taken from

Option 1 - the 10 peaks 
Counting Hill Peak 7 , 
Winter Hill Trig Peak 8
Noon Hill Peak 9,
Catter nab peak 10  
rtn to Start point  ,
6.7 miles aprox 
see below

see the 3 routes below

Jake of Winter Hill 14 peaks 

Option 2 - the 14 peaks 
Lomax wifes trig Peak 7 , -look for Trig point at 343 above Lomax
Wife farm near Horrocks Moor
whimberry hill Peak 8,
egg hillock peak 9 
counting hill Peak 10
Winter Hill Peak 11
Noon Hill peak 12
Catter Nab Peak 13 
Scotmans Stump Peak 14 
rtn to start point Rivington Pike 
route (aprox) 10.5 miles

see the following routes

Lakeland wildlife Oasis -hands on animal experience, Hale, Cumbria

a baby tortoise
one of the Golden Pheasants
Bearded Lizard
me and my sister Evie stroking it gently
at the front
me again
this is very smooth  Blue Tongued Skink
me holding a python
me being Darwin

a baby millipede
a stick insect
another go !