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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Wemeldinge,Zeeland, dyke, war memorial and sea shells

This is the word for Glass -its a recycling bin
me on the wall that keeps the sea out - it is called a dyke

me mummy,Leo  and Evie on top of the wall of a cycle track
we needed sun hats and cream as it was very warm at 27c
i watched some barges carry rocks

I am talking to Evie , can you see the sailing boats ?
the beach and sea had a lot of these !

the harbor entry
can you see the two windmills ?

an old house
this was scary and the biggest sunflower !

can you see the rounded windows ?

pretty shutters

The monument consists of two sides described.

On the left part reads:

On the right part are the names of 24 war victims:
Marinus Jacob Noussen * 26-02-1914 † 18-07-1940 Rotterdam
Licia Cijsouw * 07-06-1920 † 01-08-1942 Wemeldinge
Licia Cijsouw * 01-09-1936 † 01-08-1942 Wemeldinge
Jan Cijsouw * 11-02-1919 † 01-08-1942 Wemeldinge
Maria Pieternella Cijsouw * 20-12-1906 † 01-08-1942 wemeldinge
Peter Cijsouw * 30-07-191 † 01-08-1942 Wemeldinge
Pieternella Cijsouw * 01-10-1937 † 01-08-1942 Wemeldinge
Licia de Fouw * 12-03-1882 † 01-08-1942 Wemeldinge
Willem Kooman * 23-09-1856 † 01-08-1942 Wemeldinge
Cornelia Adriana Sonke * 05-07-1921 † 01-08-1942 Wemeldinge
Sara Sonke * 13-07-1878 † 01-08-1942 Wemeldinge
Pieter Marinus Glas * 25-09-1918 † 02-05-1943 Alkmaar
Marinus Traas * 21-10-1911 † 17-10-1944 Tuddem (D)
Pieternella Feellus * 15-05-1860 † 28-10-1944 Wemeldinge
Marinus Noussen * 25-09-1888 † 28-10-1944 Wemeldinge
Dirk Kromhout * 20-09-1887 † 29-10-1944 Wemeldinge
Daniël Pieterse * 17-05-1902 † 29-10-1944 Wemeldinge
Jan Paauwe * 13-11-1877 † 01-11-1944 Wemeldinge
Sander Bison * 12-06-1894 † 06-11-1944 Wemeldinge
Cornelia Leijs * 01-10-1894 † 06-11-1944 Wemeldinge
Steven van de Guchte * 08-09-1937 † 10-11-1944 Goes
Jacobus Adriaan Zuijddijk * 03-11-1908 † 12-11-1944 Neuengamme (D)
Cornelis de Jonge * 25-07-1924 † 13-12-1944 Aheinfelden (Zw)

Jan Jacobus Vermaire * 02-05-1925 † 07-05-1949 Kawali/Tjiamis (Java)

sailing boat
me and my mum on the dyke

me on the beach and evie on the Dyke and a sailing boat

on the way back


our route

some links for the area 

 up the Dyke wall
 on the dyke wall
 we are collecting shells
 can you see the jellyfish ?

 I had to be careful as it was slippy!!!!
 Evie feeding some sheep

me stroking the lambs 

Evie arranged the seashells and things we collected  from the dyke

sunset -it was beautiful 

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