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About Me Jake ,I am 11 years old and have Autism. This Blog is about what I can do not what I cannot,sometimes people think I cannot because I have autism ,this blog is about challenging that!I have lots of special interests, in particular running, exploring and this blog shows a small amount of what I get up to! Please be careful as some of activities I do may look easy are not , I know Winter Hill very well I can get off safely and know what to do when the weather closes in ,to keep myself safe I use high performance clothing and footwear,waterproof/ breathable/reflective/thermal layers. in layers so I keep warm and dry , I take my safety seriously and I always take care when out exploring. My dad is very experienced on the fells he is teaching me how to keep safe.I can use a map and compass, the hills can be windy , very cold, be wet , misty and boggy. STAY SAFE! check out under my link's for advice on safety from Bowland and Pennine Mountain rescue. Try my Winter Hill Challenge

Sunday, 30 October 2011

My October Half term (some of the things i got up to )

Note from Dad, This is just a overview , Jake and I are working on separate blog entries for some of the key trips.

we stayed at Paxton

Paxton is very historic -Saxton
This is the memorial at Paxton for the people who died in the first and second world war 

This is Whiteadder water

Bridge across the water

This is Cove -it has a smugglers tunnel and a mine and a brill beach

The natural harbour at Cove has been used by local fishermen since the early 1600s, and during the 1700s a number of efforts were made to improve it. These included the digging of the remarkable tunnel through the headland that still provides access to the beach, together with a series of side chambers used to store locally caught fresh fish and a wide range of smuggled goods from the continent. The side chambers continued to be used as changing rooms by hardy bathers until they were sealed up in 1981. Despite this, the walk through to the rock shelter at the far end of the tunnel is an interestingly eerie experience.

The Mine !

view out of the mine -it goes very deep under the sea!

entrance to the mine
one of the caves !

the smugglers tunnel ! you walk through this to the beach !

our trip to Berwick
across the old bridge into Berwick

the walls
It was very windy today !
a old gun placement !
me and Evie looking at a old cannon
running along the wall

Lots of old buildings

Union Chain Bridge oldest suspension bridge still carry traffic we drove across this !

 Linking Scotland and England, the nearby Union Chain Bridge, opened in 1820, was the longest wrought iron suspension bridge in the world. It was also the first of its kind in Britain.

The Union Bridge (also Union Chain Bridge[1]) is a suspended-deck suspension bridge that spans the River Tweed between Horncliffe,Northumberland, England and Fishwick, Borders, Scotland. When it opened in 1820 it was the longest wrought iron suspension bridge in the world with a span of 137 metres (449 ft), and the first vehicular bridge of its type in Britain.
Although work started on the Menai Suspension Bridge first, Union Bridge was completed earlier. Today it is the oldest suspension bridge still carrying road traffic. It lies on Sustrans Route 1 and the Pennine Cycleway.
The bridge has been maintained by the Tweed Bridges Trust, since the abolition of turnpike tolls in 1883. It is a Category A listed buildingin Scotland[2] and a Grade I listed building in England. It is a Scheduled Ancient Monument in both countries.
Before the opening of the Union Bridge, crossing the river at this point involved an eleven-mile round trip via Berwick-upon-Tweeddownstream or a twenty mile trip via Coldstream upstream. (Ladykirk and Norham Bridge did not open until 1888.)
taken from
I tried some honey it was great !
a old london bus !
one side of the Bridge was in England 

the other side in Scotland

we went to see a stone circle at Duddo

the stones whistle in the wind if you listen carefully !

we are in the middle there are 5 stones !

we went to Lindisfarne  or Holy Island
we are looking for sea creatures in the rock pool can you see the castle ?

Leo enjoyed this day !
looking towards the Farne Islands
the beach at Snook on the causeway  is amazing we only had 30 mins before we could not get off the Island as the Island is on a causeway but this is one of my favorite beaches

A TIDAL ISLAND: Holy Island is linked to the mainland by a long causeway. Twice each day the tide sweeps in from the North Sea and covers the road. Tide times and heights can be accurately predicted from the phases of the Moon. Severe weather can produce offsets, particularly with strong winds from the North and Northeast. The causeway crossing times are forecasted 'safe' crossing times. Nevertheless, travellers should remain vigilant if crossing near the extremeties.

running from the waves !

we met Kate my half sister -Kate lives a long way ,way away
we went to honey farm and to the chain Bridge as well !

me ,Evie and kate tasting honey !

Leo wanted Kate's chain !
Kate , Leo and me !

kate helped Evie with dominoes -Evie won a game !

I played Chess with my mum !
Evie and Kate coloured a picture !
Kate,Evie and Leo
kate giving Leo a cuddle
we vistied Newcastle for the Day and went to the great north museum
 we went on the Metro in Newcastle

we went the next day to Woodhorn which was a old colliery


  1. Glad you had a good Half term.

  2. I enjoyed being away , it was great fun to explore Northumberland and the Scotland around the borders.