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About Me Jake ,I am 11 years old and have Autism. This Blog is about what I can do not what I cannot,sometimes people think I cannot because I have autism ,this blog is about challenging that!I have lots of special interests, in particular running, exploring and this blog shows a small amount of what I get up to! Please be careful as some of activities I do may look easy are not , I know Winter Hill very well I can get off safely and know what to do when the weather closes in ,to keep myself safe I use high performance clothing and footwear,waterproof/ breathable/reflective/thermal layers. in layers so I keep warm and dry , I take my safety seriously and I always take care when out exploring. My dad is very experienced on the fells he is teaching me how to keep safe.I can use a map and compass, the hills can be windy , very cold, be wet , misty and boggy. STAY SAFE! check out under my link's for advice on safety from Bowland and Pennine Mountain rescue. Try my Winter Hill Challenge

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Remembrance Sunday Parade with the Badgers and Lead Mines Clough memorial

This is the route of the Rememberance Sunday Parade
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me and Evie have just joined the Badgers
you can find out about this here

we went down winter hey lane  Horwich

Evie is wearing a purple hat you can just see her !
Lee Lane
I liked walking with my new friends
I saw my teaching assistant
we stopped off at Horwich Town hall
This is the Mayor 

Leo was happy do you like his hat ?

This is the remembrance garden in Horwich

we watched the laying of the wreaths and crosses , Evie is being carried so she can see

we are walking back now after the laying of the wreaths
we walked along Chorley new road
Evie is talking to Leo who was in the pushchair pushed by dad
I took my turn to hold the badgers flag

it became windy
Evie had her turn it was heavy for her

we saw the mayor of Horwich
Cllr Peter Baxendale

Lead Mines Clough to remember my Great Grandad and my Great Great Grandad



 it was very wet as ususal !

 Evie enjoyed the puddles

 one of the water falls
 I threw stones and wished from this bridge
 some of the Old mine tips
 I had my Walsh trainers on and had to keep waiting for Evie and Dad !
note from dad : i was carrying Leo he does not mind running down hill but does not like the uphill sections anyway that's my excuse !
 on the right hand side you can see the pike and the pigeon tower

we came to put our crosses for My Great Grandad and Great Great Grandad

Edward McQue officer Engineer  Merchant Navy (Great Granddad)
Killed in action  21-11 -1940  SSCree , 4791 tons iron ore , all 41 hands were lost
He had successfully completed 3 voyages when his ship SSCree   was sunk by a U Boat- U123 off the coast of Ireland
the ship was carrying Iron from South Africa to Liverpool

information about U123

Great Granddad does not have a  grave having gone down with the ship,
He is remembered at the Merchant Navy memorial at Tower Hill London

John Thomas McQue 5th regiment Labour Corps
killed in action 14-12-1917 in the trenches battle of Passchendale ,Belgium

Great,Great Granddad is buried at  Dozingham war cemetery , Belguim

our Visit to Dozingham 

 some background to the memorial

 It is very peaceful here the mast was just visible
 looking towards the pike which you can just see
 Bolton Mountain rescue
 remembering family is very important

one of  the old pits

 we went to fly my plane
 Alance Bridge

we are off home , Leo enjoyed watching the plane , Evie helped carry this back to the car , it's just getting dark !

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